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"Digitale Studieninfotage 2020"


Meet the students: European Studies

Our students in action

What will you really do in a MA programme? This question can usually only be answered once you have enrolled and studied for a while. In order to give a glimpse of what will expect you in our Master that focuses on European Policy Analysis, this video features a project developed and executed by our students. As you might have already seen in the introductory video or our website, the MA prepares you to become an actual policy-shaper, that is: somebody who deals with policy problems and develops solutions, be it in the public administration at the EU, national or subnational level, in an NGO or a company. To prepare for these tasks, students of the MA spend a year developing a policy-focussed research project in which they solve the puzzle of a policy problem and analyse an issue of their choice. The team presenting in this video gives you insides how they developed their topic in a field trip to Brussels, meeting practitioners and applying the theoretical and analytical skills they had acquired in the courses before. Have a look - get in touch if you have questions - join our European Studies community!

Prof. Dr. Eva Heidbreder
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